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There are many copies popping up so please make sure you verify before you buy. we launched on the 16th September 2023! And are listed on Coingecko

CA: 0xd22a61e8503bea5842e5e0126ca9ffc4dd492084

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Nature scene background with rainbow in the sky

Narrative explained

Strawberry Elephant is an ERC20 MEME coin inspired by a 2007 meme With no formal team renounced contract and no taxes it s entirely community driven The aim is to promote the Strawberry Elephant meme on the Ethereum blockchain Liquidity pool tokens were burnt and 6 39 of the supply was burned by the developer before passing the project to the community another 1 5 of the supply has been burned through sacrificial community burns bringing the total amount currently burned to 7 89 Plans include forming a Strawberry Elephant DAO for token holder involvement through various voting mechanizms The core community plan to support elephant welfare through philanthropic donations blending meme love with real world conservation Ultimately Strawberry Elephant seeks to be a hub for those passionate about meme culture and who are looking for a safe place to develop the much needed skills to flourish in the Web3 space


Total Supply: 1,000,000

Burnt tokens: 78,917

Circ Supply 921,083

Tax 0% buys/sells

Contract Renounced

Liquidity burnt


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